Sitecore MVP 2017 – Technology

Yes! I have been awarded with Sitecore MVP!
I was working on it for last year and you know what – it is great that Sitecore noticed that in Poland people work hard for Sitecore Community.

In 2016 we had in Poland only one Sitecore MVP (Adam Najmanowicz – greetings!) but in this year Sitecore has distinguished three more people:
– Radek Kozłowski
– Alan Płócieniak
– and me

What is cool in being Sitecore MVP – I don’t have too much to write about it for now, but as I read in internal mailing from Sitecore in next few weeks all new Sitecore MVPs will recieve access to some internal stuff like pre-release versions of Sitecore and etc.

If you want to know how to become a Sitecore MVP and why it is worth to work with Sitecore, you should see my presentation from Sitecore Community Poland – “Find your own path with Sitecore”

Hopefully you will like my thoughts – if yes then you definitely should subscribe Sitecore Community Poland YouTube channel

What next?

I had a goal to become a Sitecore MVP. Now when I am Sitecore MVP I’m looking for new challenge – maybe I will try prove that it is possible to migrate from Sitecore Developer to Sitecore Digital Strategist? We will see soon – I promise!
More about Sitecore MVP program you can find here: Sitecore MVP

Changes are coming! – news from Sitecore Partner Day

On 15th June 2016 I had a pleasure to be on first in Poland Sitecore Partner Day.

Speakers were mainly from Sitecore and we had an opportunity to hear about:

  • Updates from the Global Solution Partner Program (Marie Louise Bouchet)
  • Make your Sitecore implementation processes efficient (Hedgehog)
  • What’s new in Sitecore 8.1 and Roadmap (Jannik Devantier)
  • xDB – what is it really and how do I use it? (Morten Ljungberg)
  • Partnering with Sitecore – use Sitecore messaging to help drive digital transformation and generate business (Marie Louise Bouchet)
  • Sitecore Poland Community (Coders.Center & I)
  • Diving deeper into the new features of Sitecore 8.1 (Morten Ljungberg)
  • Sitecore Commerce (Jannik Devantier)
  • Xccelerate Program & Case Stories (Jannik Devantier)

As you can see – most of titles are about: partnering with Sitecore , future of Sitecore and Sitecore Modules.  There was a lot of interesting information and I am not able to provide all of them to you, but I will provide for you some of the most interesting from my point of view.

  • In the second half of the year Sitecore will provide us Sitecore 8.2 version.
  • In the beginning of the year 2017 Sitecore will provide us Sitecore 8.3 version.
  • Sitecore has decided to extend their QA team to provide for use better quality (if you have ever opportunity to create an support ticket you probably will appreciate this move from Sitecore side ;)) .
  • Sitecore will provide us a new version of Web Forms For Marketers (yes another changes in our favorite and the most stable module). In the nearest future WFFM will be a part of Sitecore – not a module as now.
  • Sitecore xDB could be run as a service (infrastructure provided by Sitecore) – but you have to remember that you can not define custom structure of data which will be stored in xDB
  • In the nearest future Sitecore will change some things in Partners program
  • Sitecore Commerce – is becoming to be the most important module for Sitecore, so we can be sure that they will change a lot of things in very short period of time
  • Sitecore eLearning platform (you can get Sitecore training without Sitecore certificate)
  • Sitecore’s Business Optimization Services (SBOS) – check the place of your client in the road to success “click” (great move from SBOS side)
  • Sitecore webinars – Sitecore will more often share an interesting knowledge with community
  • Sitecore Community in Poland is looking for speakers for next meetup and sponsors and everyone who somehow want to involve in our community (tricky advert ;))

I hope that some of this information will be interesting for you also.

At the end I want to also share with you one photo from Sitecore Partner Day:

Sitecore Awards Coders Center

Coders Center got some Sitecore Awards 😉 I am this first guy from the left side.