Sitecore MVP 2017 – Technology

Yes! I have been awarded with Sitecore MVP!
I was working on it for last year and you know what – it is great that Sitecore noticed that in Poland people work hard for Sitecore Community.

In 2016 we had in Poland only one Sitecore MVP (Adam Najmanowicz – greetings!) but in this year Sitecore has distinguished three more people:
– Radek Kozłowski
– Alan Płócieniak
– and me

What is cool in being Sitecore MVP – I don’t have too much to write about it for now, but as I read in internal mailing from Sitecore in next few weeks all new Sitecore MVPs will recieve access to some internal stuff like pre-release versions of Sitecore and etc.

If you want to know how to become a Sitecore MVP and why it is worth to work with Sitecore, you should see my presentation from Sitecore Community Poland – “Find your own path with Sitecore”

Hopefully you will like my thoughts – if yes then you definitely should subscribe Sitecore Community Poland YouTube channel

What next?

I had a goal to become a Sitecore MVP. Now when I am Sitecore MVP I’m looking for new challenge – maybe I will try prove that it is possible to migrate from Sitecore Developer to Sitecore Digital Strategist? We will see soon – I promise!
More about Sitecore MVP program you can find here: Sitecore MVP