Sitecore’s Personalization under the hood

About two months ago I had a pleasure to conduct webinar about personalization but this time I focused on something that people usually skip.

I did not describe how to setup the personalization rules but I tried to explain

  • what does it mean to apply a good personalization
  • why it is beneficial to apply personalization (for customers and companies)
  • how it works under the hood (algorithms and calucations process)

If you are interested in details you can watch it here (click image – you must to enter your email in the form to see the video):

You can also check details of presentation on slideshare:

I hope you like it – if you want to discuss it, please use comments section or reach me via social media.

How to get the latest logs from Azure with Kudu

Before I will tell you how I want to describe to you why someone may need to use Kudu to get logs from Azure.

Of course, the best way to work with Sitecore logs (when it is installed as PaaS) is the Application Insights tool. But when it has to be disabled because of many different reasons we are forced to use good old files with logs.

An issue with log files is the fact that when a file is in use we cannot just download it from the server with FTP client because it is locked by IIS process. To access the latest data we must use Kudu tool – but it is not the most efficient way to find and open log file – especially when you have thousands of log files and Kudu does not allow us to sort the files by date to get that one you need.

How to find in Kudu lately updated files?

Let’s start with the opening of PowerShell tool in Kudu

Then by clicking or with command enter the directory with logs files.

cd "D:\home\site\wwwroot\App_Data\logs"

As a result, you will see the list of files with pagination – it means that in case of having thousands of files – to find the file is a nightmare. Thanks to PowerShell console, we can find the name of a file very quickly.

Run the following command to get files modified during last hour:

Get-ChildItem | Where { $_.LastWriteTime -gt (Get-Date).AddHours(-1) }

(you can run two commands at once, just use a semicolon between two of them)

As a result, you will see in a PS console a list of files names:

Now, to get the file you have to use Kudu’s URL (copy it from the browser) – get only a domain, then add the following path to it, with name of your file at the end:


In total you should receive something like this:


Open it in the browser to get the latest data from the currently used log file.

How to link Unicorn’s directories from solution and wwwroot?

If you use Unicorn to serialize your Sitecore’s items you probably at least once had to decide how to share a directory where serialized items are, between repository (solution) and your local Sitecore instance.

The most common solution is to store serialized items in the solution and just set the correct path to this directory in config files to let Sitecore instance read those.

Unfortunately, with this configuration, we need to adjust the path where items are, to every environment – who does like to remember about this?

If you do not want to do that, you can use “junction” which is just a different type of link. Thanks to the junction we can link the whole directory not a single file.

To create junction link you need to run following command from CMD:

mklink /J C:\inetpub\wwwroot\XXX\Data\Unicorn C:\Projects\XXX\App_Data\Unicorn

Where the first path is the place where your junction link will be created (wwwroot) and a second path is a place where your serialized items are (repository). That is it! So simple!

After the creation of a junction link, you will be able to use the same path on all environments!

Sitecore Symposium 2019 – All discounts in one place!

EDIT: removed super early price and groups discount added – 06.06.2019
EDIT: added theme park discounts and swan & dolphin deal – 29.07.2019
EDIT: changed end date of early bird tickets – 05.08.2019
EDIT: removed early bird price – 20.08.2019
EDIT: added discount code – 21.08.2019
EDIT: removed discount code – 08.10.2019

Here we go again! Like last year, again this year I have decided to gather all Sitecore Symposium 2019 discounts in one place.

So if you do not want to lose your time on searching best deals – stay with me on my blog and just add this page to favorites!

If you want to check how I was updating the post last year – click a link at the end of this post.

Use my discount code

You will receive an additional 100$ discount if you decide to use my unique discount code.

Use this link or just copy&paste code “LSKOWRONSKI” during your registration:

Buy tickets sooner

It is nothing new – if you buy tickets sooner you will get a better price. This year Sitecore has prepared four price levels:

  • Super early: 1195$ (ends 4th June)
  • Early bird: 1295$ (5th June – 16th August)
  • Advanced: 1595$ (16th August – 31 October)
  • Regular: 1795$ (1th November – 4th November)

It means that if you will buy tickets now  you will get 
200$ discount ! In total 300$ with my discount code.

If you are MVP you should have own discount code – check your mailbox for email or community forum in MVP section.

Registration page is here:

Buy tickets in a group

If you are coming with the team or you just want to organize with friends you can buy tickets together in a bigger group.

Currently, there are two levels of discount available:

  • Groups of 5-9 receive $75 off current pricing
  • Groups of 10+ receive $100 off current price

Remember that: Tickets must be purchased together and cannot be combined with additional discounts.

To use that discount you have to start a registration process as for the single person and then select group ticket:

Theme park discounts

This year Sitecore prepared also special theme park discounts for attendees of Sitecore SYM. Check all details here:

Tickets with special deals are available in the following prices (you get also few interesting privileges which are usually additionally paid):

If you decided to buy those tickets without Sitecore’s deal – you would pay around 50-60$ more.  I checked that on a standard purchase page (unfortunately because of my location I have different currency – do not have time to play with VPN ;))

Looks like a good deal for someone who wants to visit Disney Theme Parks!

Save time with Disney Resorts benefits

If you are going to stay in Swan or Dolphin you can enjoy special deals which will save your time – if you decide to visit Walt Disney Wolrd.

On the list of benefits you will find:

  • FastPass++ reservation up to 60 days in advance
  • Extra hours benefit – Walt Disney World will be open for you before and after normal working hours
  • Possibility to order Disney tickets in advance
  • and more….

Check all benefits here:

Swan and Dolphin “deal”

On Sitecore SYM website you can find a link to book hotel:

From what I checked you will not save money on this but at least Sitecore prepared enough space for attendees. So use this link to book your room or choose a different hotel because there is not any other option to reserve a room in Swan and Dolphin resort in other booking systems.

Do not expect that other hotels will be much cheaper – in the time when Sitecore SYM will be held, Orlando will be visited by many different and bigger events.

At the end

Hopefully gathered information from this post will let you save some bucks to spend them in Orlando!


If you want to compare deals and prices with last year check my old article here: sitecore symposium 2018 all discounts in one place